Update on LARA, Licensing and Dispensary Closings

On Tuesday at noon LARA  (Michigan Licensing and Regulatory Affairs) met for an open public meeting. Ultimately, LARA is giving medical marijuana dispensaries until Dec.15 to close or potentially risk not obtaining a license under a new regulatory system. James Gierach, retired prosecuting attorney from Chicago and Vice Chairman of LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) spoke in support of dispensaries continuing serving patients, and suggested that a provisional license be put in place through the licensing process. By the end of the meeting there seemed to be some hope when board member LaMontaine asked for several of the audience members who spoke during the public comment period to return to the microphone and help him understand what a provisional license would look like. LaMontaine asked what other industries have had such provisions in place.

Patients left feeling confused but more hopeful that some interim measure may be implemented to allow existing dispensaries to remain open. It is still unclear, however, what LARA will decide to do – and LARA is responsible for making this decision.

Please contact LARA and let them know that you support the provisional license process idea and encourage them to allow existing dispensaries to remain open through the licensing process without penalizing them to ensure your safe access. Together we are stronger.

Bloom is here for you. We realize this is a stressful and uncertain time. Stay tuned. We need to activate and keep our minds’ focused on the positive solution we WANT to see.

You can find your representative here

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