First Time Visitors’ Guide To Visiting Bloom!

Top Tips for First Time Visitors:

Is this your first-time visit to Bloom? Bloom is ready to help you get the most out of your visit!

  • The first step is to get your Michigan Medical Marijuana card!  Not sure if you qualify?  Check out LARA’s list of qualifying conditions
  • Visit a Certification Center near you! You can download and print off the form here and give it to your primary care physician to complete.  If your primary care doctor is not able to sign the certification form, you can consult with your local Medical Marijuana Certification Center to get started on getting your card.
  • Wait for your card. According to LARA, it may take up to 5 weeks to process your application and get your plastic card sent to your home.  Unfortunately, we can’t accept temporary paperwork from your doctor or certification center and you must have your hard, plastic card from the state.  If you are concerned that you haven’t received your card, please call LARA to check on the status of your card.
  • You’ve Got Mail!  So your card finally arrives – Now what?! First-time visitors to Bloom should first get to know medicinal cannabis.  There are great resources to check out online!  Also, Bloom City Club has its very own Cannabis Classroom Series offered through Blue Sage Health.  Follow the Blue Sage Health Facebook group for upcoming classes like “Medical Cannabis 101”, and “Alternatives to Pain Management with Cannabis”.  If you’re interested in learning more and meeting other people in the cannabis community, check out Women Grow networking meetings the first Thursday of every month!  We’d love to meet you!
  • Come on Over to Bloom!  Be sure to grab your government-issued photo ID in addition to your Medical Marijuana Card – you’ll need to show both when you check-in at the front desk.  Expect to be greeted with a smile and offered a hot cup of tea or coffee! Bloom is a calm oasis in a sometimes hectic world! You will then fill out a New Member Form and meet with one of our Bloomtenders (just our way of saying budtender!) who will educate you about products you might find helpful.
  • How Long is a Typical Visit? If you are brand-new to cannabis, a visit may take around 15 minutes.  Returning patients might just take a few minutes! If you are interested in a one-on-one hour-long consultation and personalized cannabis education, we offer Blue Sage Health appointments.
  • Be In the Know!  You also have the option of joining our mailing list to learn about special offers and announcements.  Concerned you’ll get too many texts? Don’t worry, Bloom texts only come about once a week so you’re able to plan your visits to your best advantage!
  • Get to Know Your Dosage!  If you’re brand-new to cannabis, your Bloomtender will walk you through some careful dosage guidelines.
  • Bring Cash!  Most Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are cash-only establishments.  You might find it helpful to take a look at our online menu so you can evaluate your budget before you stop in.
  • Does Bloom Offer Special Discounts?  Yes, we do!  Every dollar spent earns you Loyalty Points toward product in the shop.  Seniors 65 and up and Veterans are honored with a discount every time they shop.
  • Want to Earn More Loyalty Points?  Leave us a review on any of our social media, and we will add Loyalty Points to your account!  Your feedback means a lot to us, and we value your opinion!  You can also refer a friend and earn Loyalty Points!
  • In a hurry? Save time and order online! Order online HERE (access through the Bloom Website Menu tab)! We will get a notification of your order and within a half hour we will package it up for you! When you come in, the receptionist will take you to the express register and you will pay for your order and be on your way! In order to continue to keep online ordering streamlined, please remember we don’t allow addons with online orders at the express window. If you get to Bloom and realize you forgot to order something you can request to see a budtender so they can serve you.
  • Ask our Front Desk about additional parking options!