10 Ways To Get Pain Relief Without The THC High!


10 ways cannabis can ease your pain without the high associated with THC!

  1. Grab a pain patch. Infused with combinations of THC and/or CBD, patches are discreet and effective pain relief!
  2. Take a tincture! Just a few drops of Mary’s Medicinals CBD Remedy can promote a pain-free day!
  3. Enjoy CBD-infused water! Sipping on this super-hydrating beverage is a great way to fend off a dehydration-headache or migraine!
  4. Smooth on a pain rub! There are many topical choices for pain! Mary’s Compound, Mystic Lotion, Dori Balm: These are just some of the many varieties available!
  5. Relax with a CBD vape pen! Select CBD vape pens provide instant relief and are discreet and disposable!
  6. Indulge in a CBD or THC bath bomb. Infused with CBD and THC combinations, bath bombs absorb deeply to really target muscle, joint and nerve pain.
  7. Have a CBD capsule! These are great for long-running, sustained pain relief with no high!
  8. Take a tablet! Rise Tablets are designed for maximum effect from a minimum dosage and are available in non-intoxicating formulations.
  9. Relax with a CBD strain of craft cannabis! CBD strains contain high percentages of CBD to THC. CBD strains can be smoked, vaped, or made into edibles!
  10. Rub on a tincture! Many folks don’t know that most THC and CBD tinctures make a potent topical pain-reliever! Just a little bit of tincture can have a great anti-inflammatory topical effect that can really address pain issues!

There are many ways to achieve pain relief without the high! The list of non-intoxicating compounds in cannabis continues to be studied and we can’t wait to see more of these discreet cannabinoids make their way into more innovative medicine!

Eva Morrigan is a contributing writer for Bloom City Club. Eva enjoys living in Ann Arbor where there is much love and support for this industry. She writes about health, science, magic, and cannabis, and their intersections.

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