Bloom Is The Place To Be on 4/20!

To Be Blunt, We’ve Got Blazin’ 4/20 Deals!

Saturday is 4/20 and Bloom Has Some Heady Deals To Lift You Higher! We can’t wait to see you on Saturday to celebrate 4/20!

Weed Better Get Started Listing Our 4/20 Deals:

Flower To The People!

We’re dropping the shelf on every strain – All flower prices dropped by one tier – starting at just $9 per gram! Drop the shelf? Drop the mic… more like!

Elevate Your 4/20 – Stock Up On Medibles!

Buy 4 Edibles, Get the 5th Free (of equal or lesser value)!

Cream of The Crop Concentrates Deal!

Buy 2 gram get half gram free (of equal or lesser value)!

4 for $100 Galactic Cartridges!

Make Your Next Sesh More Snazzy!

10% Off All Paraphernalia

We Can’t Spill The Tea!

Extra Secret Specials All Day In Addition To Our 4/20 Deals

Did You Forget Something?

We’ve been handing out 4/20 Gift Cards All Week – Don’t Forget To Bring It Back On 4/20 To Redeem A Special Treat!

Two HUGE 4/20 Raffles!

Featuring RAW and Bloom-branded Swag – Our raffle includes plenty of our best buds, RAW paraphernalia, and a cute Bloom Hoodie and T-Shirt!


The Legend of 4/20:

Once Upon a time in Cali, there was a gang of enterprising young lads looking for leaf in San Rafael. The Waldos, so named due to their affinity for a certain wall outside their school and its excellent chill-out potential, discovered a map to an outdoor grow. Our plucky gang was primed to find that pot of gold, or actually just find that free pot, since, you know, let’s be real. Rumor had it that there was an abandoned pot patch ripe for the picking, and The Waldos started meeting up at 4:20 to find it! Our intrepid Waldos would hit up the statue of Louis Pasteur at 4:20 on the campus of San Rafael High School and maybe look for weed, but most definitely smoke a lot of it!

As any stoner knows, it’s not the end result that counts, but the journey along the way. The Waldos never did find that field of green, but they did what any stoner knows how to do best: Enjoy the moment, enjoy the friends, and (unintentionally, but serendipitously) inspire a beautiful celebration in the process.  They say “A friend with weed is a friend indeed”, so thank you for blazing the trail, Waldos. It’s always 4/20 somewhere thanks to you!