Product Review: Enjoy a Strawberry Treat, Element Strawberry OG Live Resin!

Product Review: Enjoy a Strawberry Treat, Element Strawberry OG Live Resin!

Element Live Resin captures the lighter, more elusive flavors of cannabis, and their Strawberry OG live resin is a perfect example.  Great anytime of day or evening, Strawberry OG creates a lovely cozy body high without feeling overwhelming couch-lock.  Strawberry OG is a creative muse, allowing you to feel both major euphoria and enough enjoyment of the present moment to really get stuff done!  Ultimately, Strawberry OG is like the easy “bruh” of craft cannabis.

What is a Live Resin?  It’s the creme de la creme of concentrates, and is achieved by keeping the plant frozen during every stage of the extraction process to preserve delicate terpenes which enhance the aromatherapeutic qualities of craft cannabis. When dabbing a live resin, you’re avoiding the less pleasant aspects of smoking, such as as inhaling plant matter and ash, and you can better experience the full flavor of the strain.  In the case of Element Live Resin Strawberry OG, you experience amazing flavor, sparkling with bursts of light floral strawberry and heavy earth.  Bloom City Club carries a full range of Element Live Resins, including THCa Live Resin.

I used the Honey Dabber II to sample Element Live Resin, and it worked perfectly!  The great thing about the Honey Dabber II is that it’s really easy to adjust your dab dosing from “just right” to “get ripped” depending on your mood, and you can store it when it’s still hot, making it a great travel companion.  The Honey Dabber II seems so eco-chic with it’s soft blond wood and glass design.  

With my trusty Honey Dabber II  I dabbed right in the glass jar of  Element Live Resin, experiencing the fresh plant aromas with each dab.  Strawberry OG had an affect on my balance.  I felt some dizziness and body relaxation that made me want to sit down to take in what was in store for me!  I immediately felt like someone had placed a warm, velvet washcloth over my face which washed over the rest of me starting with my head, and finishing with tingly warmth spreading through my limbs.  Powerful waves of relaxation seemed to press down on me from above, causing my body to feel heavy as my mood lifted and my mind drifted from thought to thought. I felt uplifted and relaxed for about an hour and a half, with no heavy crash as my buddy, Strawberry OG, waved a friendly “Peace Out” and I carried on with the rest of my day.

Eva Morrigan is a contributing blog writer for Bloom City Club.  In addition to being a Bloomtender at Bloom, Eva is an advocate for medical cannabis and enjoys researching and reporting on topics vital to the cannabis community.  In her spare time, she enjoys reading tarot.