Meditation and Self-Care with Cannabis

Self-care is about giving yourself permission to slow down and shift your energy into a more balanced state of being. It is about emotional intelligence, and there’s nothing as heart-expanding as cannabis. Treat yourself to a session of cannabis-imbued guided visualization. Strains rich in CBD, such as the relaxing Girl Power and the invigorating In-The-Pines, are perfect for meditation use. These strains contain a nice amount of CBD and lighter THC to assist in relieving anxiety and decreasing the “monkey mind”, allowing you to take your meditation practice to a deeper level. Charlotte’s Web is a strain developed specifically to maximize CBD intake, with scant THC. Try using these strains to move deeper into a restorative mental state. Don’t know where to find these special cannabis strains? Look for your nearest medical dispensary to find craft cannabis tailored to your needs. If you’re in the Ann Arbor area, come to Bloom! We love to talk about beneficial terpenes, CBD, and how holistic plant medicine is revolutionizing the way we advocate for our own healthcare, inside and out. Pay attention to what your mind/body/spirit needs and embrace the “radical” notion of loving your beautiful human self!
Eva Morrigan is a contributing blog writer for Bloom City Club.  In addition to being a budtender at Bloom, Eva is an advocate for medical cannabis and enjoys researching and reporting on topics vital to the cannabis community. In her spare time, she enjoys reading tarot.