Trip Zip: 28 Pre rolls For The Ultimate Summer Adventure Pack!

Pre rolls – 28! One Whole Ounce

We’re excited to offer 28 pre rolls to help make your summer epic!  TreeTown Cannabis’s Trip Zip – the ultimate companion for your unforgettable journey! With its exciting features and vibrant packaging, Trip Zip is the must-have product that will take your summer escapades to a whole new level. Join us as we explore the reasons why Trip Zip is the hottest new product on the market for an extraordinary summer filled with adventure.

  1. Unleash the Spirit of Adventure: Trip Zip is more than just a pack of pre rolls; it’s a ticket to a world of excitement and exploration. Each puff will transport you on a sensory adventure, heightening the magic of your summer experience. With Trip Zip, the journey becomes just as exhilarating as the destination. Get ready to embrace the spirit of adventure and let the good times roll!
  1. Perfectly Sized for Sharing: We believe that sharing is caring, and Trip Zip embraces the spirit of camaraderie. With an ounce of flower rolled into 28 one gram pre rolls in each container, you can easily distribute the joy among your friends and create unforgettable bonding moments on the open road. Pass around the Trip Zip container and watch as the laughter and good vibes spread. It’s the ideal way to create lasting memories with your favorite travel companions.
  1. Summertime Sensation: Summer is all about creating memories that last a lifetime, and Trip Zip is here to enhance those moments. Picture yourself basking in the warm sun, listening to your favorite tunes, and passing around the Trip Zip container as you embark on your next adventure. With every puff, you’ll experience the essence of summer, amplifying the bliss of the season and making your Michigan summer truly sensational.
  2. Expertly Crafted Quality: Each pre roll is 1 gram and meticulously crafted using premium flower. They feature strains like Flap Jacks, Gary Payton, and Mendocino Girl Crush, ensuring a smooth and flavorful experience that will keep you coming back for more. We believe that your experience should be nothing short of extraordinary, and our dedication to quality ensures that every puff is a delight to savor.
  3. Convenience on the Go: When you’re on vacation, convenience is key. That’s why Trip Zip is thoughtfully packaged in a portable container that fits seamlessly into any travel bag. With Trip Zip, your up north memories are never far away. Whether you’re exploring hidden gems, relaxing on the shore of Lake Michigan, or taking a hike, this compact container is always ready to join you on your journey.
  4. Fun Packaging, Fun Times: Trip Zip isn’t just an amazing product; it’s a whole vibe! Our eye-catching and vibrant packaging is sure to catch the attention of anyone who lays eyes on it. It’s not just a container; it’s a conversation starter, a catalyst for new friendships, and a symbol of the incredible experiences that await you. With Trip Zip, you’re not just making a statement, you’re making unforgettable memories.
  5. Compliant and Legal: We understand the importance of staying within the bounds of the law. Trip Zip is produced in compliance with all state regulations, ensuring a worry-free and legal experience. With Trip Zip, you can focus on enjoying your adventure without any unnecessary concerns. It’s a product designed to provide peace of mind while you make the most of your summer getaway.

Don’t settle for an ordinary summer road trip. Elevate it to extraordinary with Trip Zip! With 28 pre rolls, with an ounce of flower, in a convenient container, you’ll be fully equipped to hit the road and create memories that will last a lifetime. Experience the ultimate summer adventure by getting your hands on Trip Zip today. Let the journey begin, and let Trip Zip be your trusted companion along the way!

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