Eva in Bloom – Meet the Bloomtender!

Eva in Bloom – Meet the Bloomtender!

Here’s your insider’s guide to what goes on behind the scenes here at Bloom!  We even have our own title: Bloomtender! What makes us different from your average budtender?  Bloomtenders have a commitment to providing the best customer service. From the warm welcome in the lobby to the careful patient consideration in the bud room, Bloom patients know they’re in for something special!

Hear what Bloomtenders have to say about what sets them apart:

Shayna says, “I love the knowledge and conversation that we share with our patients.  Another thing, and I don’t think the patients necessarily see this, but we are a family. We care about each other and everyone gets along, and it shows in how we interact with each other and help each other out on the floor.”

Emma says, “Bloomtenders approach each interaction with each patient from a caring place. Often the first thing that comes out of a Bloomtender’s mouth is “How can I help?” (not “What do you want?”) I feel as if Bloomtenders help patients feel at ease while purchasing controversial medicine.”

Steph says, “We are dope!  In real sense. We are very knowledgeable, patient, and tailor each patient experience to that specific person.”

Hannah says, “We have a deep sense of compassion and can really empathize with our patients which helps us form lasting bonds.”

Eva says, “We love to teach patients about cannabis so that they can make informed decisions and have a good foundation of information going forward!”

Chandra says, “We have a unique patient demographic, everyone from professional women to retirees and veterans.  We give a personalized experience to each patient based on their own needs. I love seeing someone new to cannabis who returns and thanks us profusely because they finally found relief.  That is why I’m here and why I love what I do!”

Colleen says, “We treat patients like they are guests in our home.  They don’t just leave with product, but also with knowledge. Each patient learns something new.”

Here’s the skinny on how to get the most out of your visit to Bloom:

Ashley – Dosing – It’s important to get to know your dosage of THC and CBD.  This will help you get the best products to target your needs. It’s also helpful to understand the benefits of different terpenes and how they target certain conditions.

Naveen – Have an idea of the type of product you’re looking for or bring in an empty container to show your Bloomtender so they can better match your needs.

Betsy – Come with a budget and a vague idea of products you’d like to try.  There’s a lot of options that can overwhelm you on your first visit.

Check out Bloomtender Staff Picks!

Naveen: Motor Breath Flower – I love the complex, funky blend of the resinous Chemdawg aroma and juicy SFV flavor. The potency is top notch leaving you fully satisfied if looking for a relaxing indica. The dense, sticky structure makes it ideal for rolling joints too.

Ashley: Salus Sativa Capsules – I really enjoy these capsules because of the heady, uplifting feeling that transitions into a mellow calm buzz  throughout your body. They are perfect if you need a little energetic boost to workout or get through your day pain free.

Emma: The Ayurvanna Honey is a cost effective, potent medicine with a quick delivery method that allows me to achieve desired effects while enjoying a sweet treat. I love the versatility of the honey, it can be used in baking recipes, spread on toast, or swirled into my morning tea.

Shayna: Topical Patches – I love the topical patches! I’m able to “Set it & forget it,” and not think about my pain for 12 hours!

Crystal:  Bruce Banner is my favorite flower! It takes away all my worries, pains, and puts me in a happy place.

Hannah: Mango Puff flower will always remain my go-to strain for a consistent, organic flower option! The sweet fruit aroma draws you in and the relaxing, mellow body effect will keep you coming back for more!

Arianna: The Illudium craft cannabis has a nice earthy, berry taste. It’s perfect for relaxing in bed before I fall asleep.

Steph: Element’s Northern Lights Live Resin is a very smooth, clean dab. When it hits it’s a very calming body relaxation and it makes my thoughts go away and allows me to enjoy the moment. It also makes me very sleepy.

Haleigh: Synergy Canna Cerfree Capsules.   I love that these capsules have additional vitamins and essential oils! They’re extremely versatile; I use them during the day for pain relief, and at night to help relax while taking away all of my aches.

Amber: Synergy Gentle Awakening capsules.  I love the gentle awakening capsules for stimulating creativity. My favorite thing to take before a painting session. They deliver a nice, light, euphoric buzz while supplying enough focus to stay productive. Helps a lot with my pain, and also helps to combat depression.

Erik:  Durban Poison flower – I like Durban because for its mood lifting and high energy effects, and also the way it makes me creative and introspective.

Betsy:  OG Four2.0 Vaporizer – This is the best for dabs on the go, I take it with me when I go camping! You can pack a lot of concentrate in and it gives you big hits for much longer than the other pens. The battery lasts a really long time and it can work for cartridges too.

Eva:  Beautiful Burns Rolling Papers – I love these cones! The black and gold cones are pretty fly, but the pink weed flower print with shiny pink tips are my favorite!  I use the moody colors for my indicas and save the fun prints for sativa strains.

Chandra:  Mango Puff Crumble – I like that it’s very relaxing, but clears my mind at the same time.  It makes me feel happy. It’s also great for contemplative moments like meditation.

Every day, Bloomtenders make a positive impact on patients’ lives.  Each patient who walks in the door gives us another opportunity to provide education, advocacy and care to a new Bloom City Club family member!

Stop into Bloom and find out what the buzz is all about!