Come to Our Cannabis 101 Class This Saturday!

Come to Our Cannabis 101 Class!

Are you new to cannabis? This class is for you! It will provide a basic introduction to medical cannabis (or medical marijuana). It is perfect for beginners. We will discuss:

What is cannabis?
What is the difference between cannabis and hemp?
How do you get your medical marijuana card in Michigan?
What is indica, hybrid and sativa?
How do you use cannabis?
How can cannabis help me?

We will have a presentation, followed by a question and answer session with our cannabis consultant, Julie Barron. We are excited to share with you this incredibly safe, non-pharmaceutical alternative!

Medical Cannabis 101 is featuring Blue Sage Health Consulting. Blue Sage Health’s mission is to educate and empower you to achieve your highest quality of life with the use of cannabis.

Ticket price $15

Call for more information (734) 585-7063, visit our Facebook Page @bluesagehealth or visit Eventbrite to Purchase Tickets!