Cannabis Basics 101

Cannabis 101 is the first step of a steep learning curve when it comes to cannabis. At Bloom, we love holding a patient’s hand throughout the entire process. We love beginners!! There is nothing scarier than ingesting or inhaling something and not knowing what it is. Our trained bud tenders and Blue Sage Health Consultants are here for you. We will help you understand what you need based on the terpine profiles, administration methods and dosing that is best for your qualifying condition, dietary needs and preferences. Learning how your body reacts to cannabis is a personal journey. One that takes time  to allow for trial and error. Luckily error never results in death only a good amount of sleep. Most doctors would never recommend smoking or vaping cannabis because there isn’t enough known about the effect on our lungs. I have however heard doctors recommend ingesting either the oil in a tincture or capsule or eating it baked in a cookie or brownie.

Not all edibles are created equally and it’s very important to see the residual solvent/ppm test from a third party lab when ingesting any extracted form of cannabis.  For example, sometimes cannabis is extracted using butane. If it isn’t purified out afterwards correctly it can be left over in the product. You don’t want to eat or inhale residual levels of butane.

Products vary in the levels of milligrams of cannabis per serving as well. It’s very important that what the label claims to have per serving matches the lab test of each batch. Blue Sage Health’s motto for trying edibles for example is to “start low and go slow.” Ingesting cannabis is much different than puffing on a joint or a bowl. Ingesting too much for a first time user could cause it to become their last when eating it may be the best thing for them.  This video suggests starting with 5mg but at Blue Sage we suggest beginning with 2.5mg. You want to have a pleasant first time experience and add on 2.5mg from there to find your perfect dose making sure to wait 1-2 hours before adding more. Cannabis dispensaries carry many brands of medicated edible products. Find the one that’s best for you and enjoy. ~Dori Edwards