Cannabis and Women’s Health At Every Stage of Life

Cannabis and Women’s Health At Every Stage of Life

Part One: The Reproductive Years

Women are using cannabis to take control of their health.  It is quickly becoming a popular option for general health and well-being, as well as for medicine.  Women are natural healers and have been using cannabis to relieve period pain for centuries.  Now we have more than just anecdotal evidence to back up what we’ve known all along – Cannabis Heals!  New research is able to give us the science behind the wisdom.  Common menstrual symptoms like cramping, bloating, emotional imbalance, migraines, and skin flare-ups can all be remedied by activating our endocannabinoid system through the use of cannabis.

CBD and THC can be your best friend during your cycle.  CBD is a known anti-spasmodic, perfect for targeting the spasms that cause painful menstrual cramping.  Bloom carries Cramp-Ease tincture which combines THC and CBD for a powerful topical analgesic effect.  Cramp-Ease has cannabinoids that cause the nerves in the uterus, cervix and ovaries to block out pain and relax the muscles.

Taking small amounts of THC and CBD in combination (called micro-dosing) can be a great way to get moontime relief and still be productive in your daily activities.  It has been shown that a 1-1 dose of CBD and THC can provide better pain relief than over-the-counter analgesics.  Ask your Bloomtender about CBD-rich craft cannabis strains, tinctures, capsules, and edibles which may be just the thing to alleviate your period pain.

Women are empowering themselves to create their own healing journey through cannabis and CBD.  Using weed and wisdom, we are helping ourselves to pain relief through plant medicine.  Stay tuned for Part Two: The Wisdom Years, exploring the benefits of cannabis for menopause.