Cannabis and Parenting

Are you a parent that uses cannabis that could use some advice on talking to your children about it? Or a parent that doesn’t use cannabis but wants your children to hear about it from you first so they can come to you when they begin to have questions in their teens? Either way, Green Flower media has a wonderful guide called The Community Thrive Guide, that we here at Bloom City Club, an Ann Arbor medical cannabis dispensary, highly recommend. We think honesty is the best policy and educating your children on why it’s best not to use it recreationally before the age of 21 because of their brain development will help them make the choice not to use it when offered to them too young. Micro-dosing has typically been associated with hallucinogens like LSD, many experts now believe that the threshold for the medical benefits of THC is far lower than many people think about the cannabis club.

Using it before the age of 21 for medicinal reasons is a different story and as we are learning and seeing in national news stories every day, cannabis has its place healing children of all ages with quite severe medical conditions. My heart goes out to those parents who are faced with criminal charges for choosing cannabis for their children. Their lives are hard enough with a sick child, to add the stress of possible federal criminal prosecution coupled with searching for a medical marijuana dispensary that they can trust to find the right strain and product takes a ton of time, energy, and bravery. 

No matter the reason for talking to your child about cannabis, it is an important conversation to have. Click here to view Bloom’s Dori Edwards and Miss Violet’s advise to parents in Ann Arbor’s Crazy Wisdom Journal.  ~ Dori Edwards