Do We Legalize Marijuana or Remain Criminals? It’s Up to You

Ken Wachsberger

This is a short article with a long-term message. The December 20 deadline is fast approaching to submit signatures from registered Michigan voters to get the MiLegalize proposal to liberate cannabis in Michigan on the November 2016 ballot. November 2016 still seems like a long ways away but December 20 of this year is the only date that matters for now.

That’s less than five weeks.

Your help is needed.

The MiLegalize proposal is the only one that deserves support. Now is the time.

According to Charles Ream, co-founder of the Safer Michigan Coalition, the group behind the 23 local cannabis law reform victories throughout Michigan in the last eleven years, and a leader of MiLegalize: “Whether the cannabis industry is regulated in a reasonable way—or  not—hangs on about 20,000 volunteer signatures. We will probably be in a position to buy all but that many. Every single sig, let alone every sheet, is so incredibly valuable now.”

So if you are already helping to collect signatures, double your effort.

  • Visit your neighbors.
  • Ask sports fans to sign as they approach their various venues.
  • Set up a table in front of a supporting businessperson’s storefront.
  • Find your own creative method and share it with others.

If you aren’t already helping to collect signatures—grab your ballots and get going. In Ann Arbor, stop by Bloom City Club at 423 Miller or contact them at;

(734) 585 0621. According to Bloom’s Dori Edwards, “We have tons of ballots.”

If you are anywhere else, contact the MiLegalize campaign and ask how you can volunteer and where you can get ballots.

Financial donations are important, too. Every bit helps.
Later is now. Your help is needed. If you have any energy left over at the end of the campaign, it’s wasted.

And don’t even think about not voting in November 2016.

Ken Wachsberger is an author, editor, political organizer, and member of the National Writers Union.

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