Bloom City Club Ann Arbor Dispensary

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423 Miller Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48103
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Monday – Saturday : 9 am – 10 pm
Sunday : 9 am – 9 pm

The Best Dispensary In Ann Arbor

Are you ready to elevate your cannabis journey to new heights? Look no further! Our mission at Bloom City Club Ann Arbor cannabis dispensary is to provide you with the finest selection of top-tier weed products and an exceptional cannabis shopping experience, right in the vibrant city of Ann Arbor. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a curious newcomer, we have the products that will suit your preferences and elevate your cannabis adventure.

Top-Shelf Cannabis For Ann Arbor Communities

Not only are we conveniently located in the heart of Ann Arbor, but we’re also excited to bring the cannabis experience closer to other vibrant communities nearby. Our mission extends beyond Ann Arbor’s borders, reaching out to enrich the lives of residents in Saline, Pittsfield Township, Northville, Plymouth, Canton, Chelsea, Dexter, and Milan, Michigan. These areas have been waiting for a premium cannabis destination, and we are proud to answer that call.

  • Chelsea: As part of our mission to enrich cannabis experiences, we’re excited to extend our reach to Chelsea. Join us in bringing the magic of cannabis to Chelsea’s doorstep, filling the void for a premium dispensary in the area.
  • Dexter: Nestled in the scenic beauty of Dexter, we’re breaking new ground by introducing an exceptional cannabis shopping experience. Dexter’s residents and visitors now have access to top cannabis brands and products, all curated to elevate their journey.

As pioneers, Bloom City Club is committed to making history by introducing the magic of cannabis to your doorstep. Whether you’re in Chelsea, immersing yourself in Dexter’s charm, or savoring the spirit of Milan, make sure to seize the opportunity to visit Bloom City Club and be part of this transformative journey. Join us as we continue to provide exceptional cannabis experiences across Chelsea, Dexter, Milan, and beyond. Explore the world of cannabis like never before with Bloom City Club.

Popular Michigan Cannabis Brands

Our dedication to quality is unwavering, and that’s why we carry some of the most esteemed cannabis brands in the industry. We’re proud to carry a variety of brands including TreeTown Cannabis, Redemption Cannabis, True North Collective, Redbud Roots, and Glorious Cannabis, just to name a few. These brands have earned their reputation for excellence, and they’re ready to take you on a journey of flavor, potency, and innovation. 

Ann Arbor’s Go-To Stop For Pre-rolls

In the vibrant landscape of Michigan’s cannabis scene, pre-rolls are taking center stage. At Bloom City Club, we’re at the forefront of this pre-roll revolution, offering an exceptional pre-roll selection that’s set to redefine your cannabis encounters. We offer something for everyone! Ranging from pre rolls infused with live resin to packs of dogwalkers, we’re happy to be your one stop shop.

Bloom City Club isn’t just a dispensary; it’s your gateway to a nuanced cannabis journey. Join us in Ann Arbor and become a part of this pre-roll evolution.

Michigan’s Best Cannabis Flower

For those who hold an appreciation for the inherent elegance of cannabis, our expansive flower selection stands as a testament to nature’s artistry. Within our shelves, a range of premium flower strains await, picked to appeal to a variety of preferences. As you embark on your personal exploration through our l offerings, you may find yourself irresistibly drawn to the captivating charm of strains such as the aromatic Garlatti, Sundae Driver, or the complex and intriguing GMO. Our strains are always evolving so make sure to stop by and see what we have!

Get closer to your cannabis at Bloom City Club. We offer deli style service so you can see and smell your favorite strains before making a selection.

Visit The Best Dispensary In Michigan

At Bloom City Club, we’re not just selling cannabis products; we’re sharing a way of life. Our store’s strategic location in Ann Arbor means that we’re not only accessible to the local community but also extending our reach to neighboring areas that lack dispensaries. Chelsea, Dexter, Plymouth, Northville, and Milan, we’re looking at you! Enjoy, cannabis has been legal for a long time here!